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1,100-Year-Old Hoard of Islamic Gold Coins Found in Israel

The rare gold coin hoard that was dug up in Israel is in excellent conditionAugust 24, 2020A trove of 425 pure gold coins was dug up at an archeological site in Israel. The Islamic coins are in excellent condition, and link ties between the Abbaside Caliphate and the Byzantine empire.The discovery was announced on Monday by the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA).
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Australia Bushfires Are Generating Thunderstorms That Can Start More Fires

Australia has been battling wildfires across the continent since September and faces another threat this time.December 31, 2019Australia has been battling scorching bushfires across the continent which have killed at least ten people, including a volunteer firefighter, since September. More than 12 million acres scorched and perished nationwide, it seems that the horror story is not over yet.
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Medical Technology

Handheld Device "Prints" New Skin onto Serious Burn Victims

It functions much like a Scotch tape dispenser.February 06, 2020Serious burn victims may soon have another option for & 34;new& 34; skin. Scientists from the University of Toronto started working on a handheld device back in 2018 that & 34;prints& 34; skin onto these victims.Now, the scientists have tested the device on pigs, and it& 39;s worked marvelously.
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Japan and the USA will fight head to head with giant robots

July 10, 2015America made a giant robot and Japan followed suit and then the gauntlet was laid down by the USA and the Japanese accepted and so we are looking forward to a fight between the two giant robots. Image Source: Megabots The fight is going to be the international giant robots fight and we& 39;ll see the two robots with pilots inside squaring up to each other.
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