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World's first e-spliff being rolled out in the Netherlands

June 20, 2014Dutch company E-njoint BV has taken e-cigarettes one step further and are starting to roll out the world& 39;s first electronic spliff. The company claims that the e-Joint is completely harmless and contains no dangerous substances like nicotine, tobacco or even THC, the active chemical ingredient in marijuana, however, there is a version that allows users to use their own supply of marijuana.
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Air Force One Has Reportedly Flown Directly Above a 'Small Flying Object'

The massive aircraft had a near miss with the object that may have been a drone.August 17, 2020Drones and other remotely-controlled flying objects can be extremely useful, can achieve incredible things (just check out these 200 drones flying indoors simultaneously), but can also get in the way.The latter can lead to disastrous events, which could have been the case for the U.
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6 Pop Culture Inspirations for Tesla's Shiny New Cybertruck

Countless pop culture and sci-fi comparisons have been made following the Cybertruck& 39;s unveiling.November 22, 2019Tesla& 39;s Cybertruck was designed to capture people& 39;s attention. It worked.Tesla founder Elon Musk has long been known to have a love for popular culture; whether it& 39;s taking part in meme reviews, referencing a popularly used smokable substance as a potential stock buyout price, or talking about his love of videogames.
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Inventions and Machines

Examining the Industrial Revolution: The Invention That Had the Biggest Impact

The industrial revolution is the last period of substantial industrial and technological inventions, even in comparison to modern advancements.During the period of 1760 to 1840, there occurred such a massive amount of innovation that the world was forever changed. Don’t get me wrong, current technologies are advancing very rapidly, but what occurs today is mostly just evolution to ideas and products created during the industrial revolution.
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