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HitchBOT gets a thumbs up on highways in Canada

June 14, 2014While in some countries it is not advisable to pick up hitchhikers there is one exception to this rule for a cute but odd looking robot that goes by the name of HitchBOT is trying to hitchhike its way over Canada. Image Source: Hitchbot HitchBOT is a robot that can talk and it is around the same size as the average 6 year old.
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13 Architectural Oddities That Are Beautifully Weird

You ever come across a building and just think to yourself; how in the world did they build that? Sporadically, scattered throughout cities and towns around the world, you will occasionally come across an architectural design that leaves you scratching your head, but that also inspires you.Architecture has come a long way over the centuries, evolving with the times.
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