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5 Ways That AI Is Helping Artists Be More Creative

AI might become the artist& 39;s best friend rather than making them obsolete in the future. Here we explore some ways in which AI is actually helping improve artists& 39; lives rather than threaten their livelihoods.RELATED: IF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE DOES NOT DESTROY THE WORLD, IT COULD MAKE YOU A BETTER CREATIVECan a computer be creative?
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Scientists Break Record by Freezing LEGO Pieces to Near Absolute Zero

LEGOs have been cooled to the lowest temperature possible in an experiment which confirms they are the coolest toys on Earth.December 24, 2019From LEGO Porsche crash-tests to getting hydraulic pressed, LEGOs have been through a lot. They’ve certainly been tested to the extremes but this doesn’t mean that there is no room for crazier stuff.
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Marine Energy – harnessing the power of the sea

By Robin WhitlockAugust 29, 2015Alongside wind, marine energy is one of the renewable energy markets currently dominated by the UK with around 10MW of wave and tidal energy being tested in waters around the country. This is more marine energy power than is deployed in the rest of the world combined.
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