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Researchers Identify 'BO Enzyme' That Causes Body Odor

If someone tells you you smell, now you can say & 34;it& 39;s not me, it& 39;s Staphylococcus hominis.& 34;July 27, 2020Ever been at the office and suddenly had a horrible funk cross your nostrils, causing you to wince? Maybe you looked across the office floor and identified a few possible culprits or, even worse, you suddenly became paranoid that the awful stench was coming from you?
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21 Facts About The Unresolved UFO Incident at Rendlesham Forest

Hints of a government coverup, compelling eyewitness accounts from airforce officials, a spacecraft purportedly hovering through trees and landing; the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident has it all when it comes to instances of the unexplained.Here& 39;s a look at some of the standout witness statements, and what experts have said about the 1980 incident which has been dubbed & 34;Britain& 39;s Roswell& 34;.
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Vive helps band together friends to avoid social dangers

July 29, 2014Most students have things in common; they study and work hard and they like to party hard in their free time. This often means consuming alcohol and it can lead to social dangers. Now a group of students from the University of Washington have come up with a great idea on how to reduce potential social dangers, such as becoming separated from a group who have gone out partying.
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What You Need to Know about Electric Cars

Electric cars are going to make a big difference and you should know these about them.May 11, 2014Electric cars are finally starting to make a greater appearance in today& 39;s world and we& 39;re going to go over a brief history of their journey, how they work and what the future holds for them. One of the greatest advantages to the electric car revolution is obvious - no harmful emissions.
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