The first of its kind gaming accessory for the iPad: KOLOS Wheel

The first of its kind gaming accessory for the iPad: KOLOS Wheel

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[ Image Source : Kolos Wheel ]

The newest accoutrement for Apple’s iPad is KOLOS: the first iPad Gaming Wheel by KOLOS Corporation. It’s the first of it’s kind accessory for the iPad and it’s a must have for iPad 2 or The new iPad (3rd or 4th generation) owners. The iPad Gaming Wheel allows you to securely fasten your iPad into the middle of the wheel, place your hands along the smooth antiperspirant coating (which means your hands won’t slip if you start to sweat) of the 360 degree, 31.3 cm (12.3 in) wheel, and start up your favorite iOS game such as Asphalt 7: Heat. You’ll feel like you’re in the driver’s seat. You can even clamp the wheel to a desk or table for greater control and one-handed operation. Without the clamping system, the weight of the wheel is 450 grams (less than 1 lbs.). The lightweight material along with the clamping system lessens the strain on your arms and means the wheel is highly portable. Although the iPad fits snugly into the wheel, the iPad can be removed within a matter of seconds. TheKOLOS Wheel is not just for driving games, but also for any motion game that can be used in landscape mode. (The wheel will not work for portrait games.)

[ Image Source : Kolos Wheel ]

The KOLOS Wheel is available for pre-order on Indiegogo. (A link is provided at the end of the video.) For the steering wheel only, the Indiegogo price is $50 (retail will be at least $69,95 so you save about $20). For the full pack (a steering wheel, a clamp, and a base) the Indiegogo price is $85(retail will cost you $120so now is your chance!).

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