Tsunami Research Center in Bali

Tsunami Research Center in Bali

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The 2500 sq. meter marine research center would be located 150 meters ahead in the sea near the Kuta beach. It has a fluid structure that allows visitors and scientists to see directly what is going on outside. The project which consists of research labs, bedrooms for scientist, seawater pool, aquatic garden library and an auditorium would be distributed below and above the surface of the sea.

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The firm Solus4 won the international design competition for a marine research center in Bali, Indonesia.The competition, co-sponsored by Arquitectum and Universitas Pelita Harapan in Indonesia,was held due to the need for tsunami research and preparation in response to the devastation caused by the 2004 Indian ocean earthquake and tsunami.

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The Solus4 design team sought to understand the wave dynamics and the resulting wave force patterns that are generated as tsunami waves are created and spread out from an epicenter. The wave forces, when translated to linear patterns, inform the shapes that are integrated into the building form and result in patterns that seem to be born of the sea. Building is interesting for both on-board scientists and interested visitors.

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The project is supposed to be fully energy efficient. Large glass-based panels form the skin – both transparent and opaque as well as embedded PV cells. The close in to shore location allows for tidal/current generators to serve the power requirements. Rainwater collection and seawater conversion systems take care of the domestic water requirements. Deeper source seawater is circulated through the skin for radiant cooling and temperature control of the overall shape.

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[Image Source: Tangram 3DS]

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[Image Source: Tangram 3DS]

Watch the video: Bali Tsunami Drill (May 2022).


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