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Eco Friendly Dish Washer

Eco Friendly Dish Washer

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This is one of the items which sees a future with very little spare time in households, where everything will have to be faster. Also, it foresees the tendency of the urban gardens where people grow their food in the city they live in. It also saves water, which is a serious problem in many countries right now. With growing of the city areas it may become a problem even in places where it isn't at the moment.

[Image Source: Yanko Design]

Designer of the device is Ahi Andi Mohsen, who participated in the 2010 Electrolux Design Lab Completion.

[Image Source: Yanko Design]

ECO cleaner is both a portable dishwasher and a composting device that ionizes leftover food on the plates by using ultrasonic waves and converts them into reusable compost for plants. During the process a gas is produced, which is also converted into soil. It cleans the dishes without usual dish detergents. Its body is made of carbon fibers making it lightweight and reducing thermal pollution. In addition, the outer walls are applied with a type of nano-paint material that reacts with solar rays to produce electricity for charging its built-in batteries.

[Image Source: Yanko Design]

Watch the video: DIY Natural Dishwashing Soap Recipe Demo - Nontoxic, Safe, Chemical-Free (May 2022).


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