Holographic Display

Holographic Display

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[Image Source: Youtube]

People have worked for a long time ago on devices that create some static holographic images with poor (or average) quality . But probably, the people that work on Displair achieved huge success developing an interactive holographic display.

[Image Source: Youtube]

The approach of the device is quite unique. The whole thing enables midair air holograms that can be controlled with your hands and fingers. A common suggestion is that a sufficient number of cameras are located at the base of the air hologram device which enable gestures to control the hologram itself. The approach is quite impressive when you realize how simple the model really is. It is very difficult to create, but in theory, it’s a straightforward process.

The air hologram approach is not a new invention, but the interactive air hologram is really something we could watch in sci-fi movies (like "Minority Report") until now and it would be a good idea to keep an eye on this project. Probably after a few more years of development, it could easily become the solution which will actually bring air holograms into our everyday lives and replace the most of monitors and displays we use now. Plus, there is a suggestion that these interactive holograms will be less harmful for the human eye than the current displaying devices.

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