Smell-o-vision: Scent and Pixel

Smell-o-vision: Scent and Pixel

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Since its first inception in 1960, smell-o-vision has come a long way. It was first introduced by Michael Todd, Jr together with the inventor Hans Lube and made its only appearance in film Scent of Mystery. Inside theater, 30 different odors was injected into the seats when triggered by the film’s soundtrack.

This year, a researcher named Haruka Matsura and a team of colleague from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology have created a smell-o-vision system that can release scents by pinpoint the exact location of the smelly object on-screen. This “smelling screen” made its debut at the IEEE Virtual Reality conference in Orlando, USA.
At this stage, this system can only produce one scent at a time. The scent was produce from hydrogel “aroma chips” and it will evaporate when its heated. So if you would like to smell a rose on your screen, you will be able not only to see the beauty of the rose but also to scent it, as good as the real one. You may trigger your appetize when you smell and look at the LCD Screen with picture of freshly baked cakes or that fresh Fried Chicken.

In future, the interchangeable cartridge would allow us to swap out which scent you want to display or produce.

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