Mobile Folding Furniture - a Space Saving Dream

Mobile Folding Furniture - a Space Saving Dream

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It has finally been done, the designs of childhood have brought to adult life. Atelier OPA has develop a series of mobile folding furniture. Each piece folds up as easily as our old barbie doll furniture, minus the cool pink case. Of course, we don’t want to go completely back to childhood play.

[Image Source: IPPinka]

This new mobile folding furniture series has a modern look and feel. It provides all the essentials with a minimalist design. Just think of how many more people we can cram into our tiny apartments for an all night party if we didn't have that bulky furniture in the way.

[Image Source: IPPinka]

This mobile folding furniture is actually quite functional, all parties aside. It would be ideal within an office setting. Can you just imagine being able to pull out a sink, stove and table right in the corner of your office? You’d be able to quickly have lunch or dinner on site, limiting valuable wasted time leaving the building and picking something up around the corner.

[Image Source: IPPinka]

Improving home life is also an advantage of mobile folding furniture. By having furniture that can be neatly packed away, renters can have more room in a cramped apartment or even save a little cash by renting an apartment a little smaller than they are used to.

[Image Source: IPPinka]

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