The Renault KWID concept car with its very own drone robot

The Renault KWID concept car with its very own drone robot

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Almost all car drivers will have been struck in traffic at some point in time and know just how frustrating it can be not knowing what is causing the traffic jam or what is happening on the road ahead of you. This could be a thing of the past if Renault has their way as they have come up with the KWID car concept that comes with its very own drone robot. The concept car was unveiled at 2014 Delhi Auto Show.

[Image Source: Renault]

The drone robot is stored in the back of the KWID concept car, so if at any time you want to know what is happening on the road ahead you can just send out the robot drone so that it can scout out up ahead.

[Image Source: Renault]

Of course it also comes in handy if you just fancy taking some cool photos. The robot droid can be operated from a tablet that comes stored neatly in the dashboard of the car.

[Image Source: Renault]

The KWID is powered by a 1.2 litre petrol engine that is turbocharged and which offers dual clutch transmission. The gear shift is absent and this has been replaced by a touch screen which you can give commands, this is located right at the side of the steering wheel.

[Image Source: Renault]

Renault did say that the KWID concept is Z.E Ready, which means that it can make use of electric batteries for its power. The appearance of the car from the outside does look like it might be a rugged off road car, however it is just two wheel drive and the interior is delicately decorated. The concept car is the first from Renault to be designed to be released outside of Europe, in India.

[Image Source:Renault]

[Image Source: Renault]

On the interior the car offers a cocoon type embrace thanks to the elastomer material which is nest like and decorated in white with gold/yellow trims. The concept car features a bench seat which can be operated electronically, LED lighting and doors that are electric. This is one concept car that is very high tech thanks to its flying droid robotic companion.

[Image Source: Renault]

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