'Cozy Room' is the perfect place for some alone time

'Cozy Room' is the perfect place for some alone time

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While we all like to have friends and family around at home, and of course there are colleagues at work, there does come a point when it’s nice to enjoy some alone time. This is an isolation chamber that comes with everything you need.

[Image Source: KaguCozy]

The Cozy Room is a Japanese invention and it has been described as a relaxation room for women and men. The Cozy room is indeed very cosy, it is designed to hold one person who wants to get away from the world for some alone time and measures 205 x 120cm.

[Image Source: KaguCozy]

The chamber features one single chair which offers a high back and can be slid neatly away into the chamber and pulled out for you to get inside, before sliding it back in to close yourself inside. In effect, this means that the chair acts as a fourth wall. Once you are safely inside the chamber there is access to a desktop, which can hold a laptop, tablet or anything else you want in there with you, along with a display rack and plenty of shelving and drawers to tuck things away. There is also LED lighting so that the occupant is not left alone in the dark.

[Image Source: KaguCozy]

Don’t worry about not being able to breathe as the chamber is fitted with air vents. One of the downsides to the Cozy Room is that with is being so cozy inside it can get very stuffy and warm in there as there is no air conditioning. However, if you have a laptop in there you could always connect a small desk fan to the USB port of the laptop for mini air-conditioning.

[Image Source: KaguCozy]

If you would like the ultimate in alone time you can pre-order the Cozy Room, however, it does not come cheap as the price tag is JPY798, 000, which comes in at around $8,000 US.

[Image Source: KaguCozy]

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