A one size fits all bike frame with Universal Bike

A one size fits all bike frame with Universal Bike

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When deciding to purchase a bike one of the main hassles is deciding what frame size you need. Often you find yourself falling in-between sizes and more often than not the perfect size in one make of bike isn’t the same in a different model. Then there is the problem of the handlebars not being right, even if you manage to get the size of the frame correct. This hassle could be in the past soon thanks to the one size for all adjustable Universal Bike.

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After purchasing the Universal Bike, the owner uses the tailored app for their phone to input their height, weight, length of their arms and legs and torso. They then have to choose the style of ride from a list, which includes comfort, hybrid, touring and road.

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The app will then show the owner numbers that they then have to set on the bike, this is for the frame length, the height of the seat, the seat angle, the fork angle and the handlebar height.

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These adjustments are made to the bike frame and then everything is tightened up and the owner is ready to go on their own custom fit bike. The bike is perfect for children as it can be adapted to fit them as they grow by re-entering the figures on the app.

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The Universal Bike has been designed in carbon fibre for the frame and fork and comes with wheels of 24 inches. It is said that the Universal Bike fits to adjust 99% of the population. The buyer can choose the Shimano Nexus rear hub transmission, which is available in three or seven speeds, or they can choose to have a single-speed. The bike comes in with a weight of 15lbs in the single speed format or 19lb with the Nexus hub.

It is available from Brooklyness and at the moment funds are being raised for production of the bike on Kickstarter. You can make a pledge of US$895 for the single speed, $1, 195 if you want the 3-speed or $1, 695 for the 7-speed.

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