Wolverine's claws get Batman-ised in these forged armour gloves

Wolverine's claws get Batman-ised in these forged armour gloves

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The guys of Man of Arms: Reforged have custom made some Wolverine claws suited out for Batman, combining the badassery of both the heroes. The claws have been replaced with sharpened batarangs built onto a forged armour glove which of course has been blackened to suit the Dark Knight.

[Image Source: Youtube]

The build process uses various methods of metal forging techniques and required a lot of hours and hard grafting from the blacksmiths.

The team began by producing some sketches and getting ideas together on how to add that Batman touch to the Wolverine claws. The pieces are then cut from sheet metal using a beverly shear and if repeated parts are needed, they are cut using a CNC plasma cutter. This allows them to easily duplicate using computer controlled cutting and was used to cut the batarangs for example.

Curved sections were formed over a ball stake and hammered into shape using skills they have obtained over years of experience. The batarangs are sharpened before being heat treated in a gas forge, heating them up to critical temperature and quenching them in oil to harden them.

Parts are then cleaned and polished up whilst another guy gets on with shaping the knuckle of the glove by hand fluting, again using a hammer over a ball stake.

The batarangs are TIG welded onto the glove armour and rough fittings are made to check the articulation of the glove, making sure the wearer will be able to comfortably maneuver and generally destroy stuff.

Soap is grated to use as an oxygen blocker for heat treating the armour in a custom built furnace. The parts are cleaned yet again and rubbed down ready to be glued together. The rest of the parts are mechanically fastened together whilst keeping mobility in mind.

The video rounds up with a series of objects being torn to pieces, the moment we were all waiting for.

Check out their Youtube channel for other builds such as Thor's Mjölnir and Captain America's shield.

Watch the video: Metal Iron Man Helmet WITH DISPLAY! (July 2022).


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