The Ocean Island brings the ocean into your kitchen

The Ocean Island brings the ocean into your kitchen

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With the Ocean Island gone are the days when the space under the kitchen island was home to pots and pans as designer Robert Kolenik has come up with a better and more aesthetically pleasing idea. The designer has turned the space into a huge saltwater aquarium that will be the talking point of any kitchen.

[Image Source: Kolenik]

There is more; while it does offer a very attractive look to your kitchen you don’t have to give up all of the storage space. The Ocean Island has been cleverly designed with a 'secret' L-shape, which gives you storage but at the same time hides it. It is also the perfect hiding spot for all the plumbing and gas pipes required for the sink and gas hobs.

[Image Source: Kolenik]

One of the major disadvantages is of course the maintenance requirement. The clever design of the Ocean Island features a clever mechanism that can raise the counter top automatically by just pushing one single button, allowing for easy access to maintain the aquarium. This is one island that would look right at home in a James Bond movie.

[Image Source: Kolenik]

There is no doubt that the Ocean Island saltwater aquarium would look stunning and would be the talking point of any kitchen. As you might expect, this is a limited edition and the designer does take orders for made to measure kitchens. Maybe it could also double up as home for crabs and lobster? This way you would only have to press a button to raise the counter top when you wanted fresh food for dinner.

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