Dryve is a portable rain shield for your bicycle

Dryve is a portable rain shield for your bicycle

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Travelling around on a bicycle is a great form of green transport and also a good way of keeping fit. However this form of transport is all well and good in the summer in dry weather, but what about when it’s raining? Swiss company Allnew have designed the Dryve, a detachable and flexible rain cover that fits most bikes.

[Image Source: Dryve]

The Dryve is simple to use as it just attaches to the handlebars and then to the back of the saddle and the rider is able to do this in just 30 seconds. The cover will then arch over the person riding the bike and while it doesn’t keep rain out at the sides, it does keep a lot of rain off the top.

[Image Source: Dryve]

When the cover is not being used it weighs just 850 grams and it can collapse into a photographic reflector like hoop that can be carried in the sack that comes with it.

Dryve was recently highlighted at Eurobike 2014 over in Germany and when it has been made available next spring, it will be offered in a choice of colours for around US$163.

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