Mighty Click is a bike lock that keeps you safe and secures valuables

Mighty Click is a bike lock that keeps you safe and secures valuables

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People who choose a bike instead of a car when travelling out and about have to carry around a bike lock to keep their bike safe when they leave it. They also have the worry of being seen in the dark and keeping their valuables on them safe. Often this means having to carry a back pack around when cycling. This could be a thing of the past thanks to the Mighty Click. The Mighty Click is a bike lock that doubles up as a place to store money and small items and you wear it around the waist and it doubles up as a safety device as it shows up in the dark.

[Image Source: Mighty Click]

The Mighty Click is therefore very portable and it means that you don’t have to worry about where to put keys and money. The reflective strip will keep the bike rider noticeable to other people on the road and as it’s worn around the waist it doesn’t get in the way. The strap can be adjusted to fit waists of sizes from 26 inches up to 38 inches.

[Image Source: Mighty Click]

The bike rider can use the lock of their choice to lock the ends of the steel chain that protrude out from the fabric cover. This means that you are free to choose a traditional padlock or a barrel lock with numbers if you don’t want to have to worry about losing the key. The Mighty Click is light as it comes in at just 3.5lbs.

[Image Source: Mighty Click]

At the moment, the designer of the Mighty Click has the project on Kickstarter and the clever bike lock has passed the initial target. If successful, you can get your own Mighty Click bike lock belt for US$25 if you want to use a padlock of your own or get one with a padlock included for US$29.

[Image Sources: Mighty Click]

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