6 Ways You Can Reuse Your Christmas Tree After Holidays

6 Ways You Can Reuse Your Christmas Tree After Holidays

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With the holidays behind and colder days ahead of us, it is impossible not to feel a pang of sadness: Christmas ornaments are being put away, the gifts wrappers are in the bin and your festive tree doesn’t look festive at all anymore.

And of course, the beloved Christmas tree. For weeks on end, it has sat in its corner while looking its best; however, without the ornaments, it looks rather sad with its dropping needles. You might be asking yourself what to do with it before your cat makes the tree its next scratching post, and we have the answer just for you.


We’ve gathered 6 things you can do to recycle and repurpose your lovely Christmas tree while making yourself better in the process. (On a side note, you can just buy an artificial tree that will last you for years and years next time.)

1. Recycle it

The great thing about actual trees is that they are biodegradable and they can be returned to nature easily. While saying goodbye to your tree might be hard, you can actually throw it into a compost pile which will take it back to nature where it belongs.

Also, you can find local places that accept undecorated trees and put them through a wood chipper. This might be a hard process if you are prone to forming emotional attachments to things, or it is your first Christmas-tree-rodeo.

You can also check if your country has drop-off locations where they gather trees to take them to recycling centers. However, just make sure that your tree is completely bare. You wouldn’t want to set the mulcher on fire.

2. Use it for firewood

Of course, you can go full metal and use your beloved tree as fuel for your outdoor fire pit or bonfire. It may sound heartless, but it does make you think of marshmallows, which is always nice.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t EVER put your Christmas tree into your chimney. Christmas trees release a flammable, toxic substance named creosote when they burn. This substance may coat your chimney and increase the risk of a chimney fire!

3. Pinterest it

Challenge the Pinterest mother in you and you will find numerous ways you can get the best of that beautiful trunk. It is all up to your imagination.

You can cut the trunk into slices and use them to line your flowerbeds or walkways. Trunk pieces with different thicknesses are good for dynamic garden displays and you can use them as pot-risers too.

Also, we all need some extra support from time to time. You can use the branches as natural stakes for your plant friends.

4. Let it be

Why not buy your Christmas tree in a pot and let it enjoy the rest of its days as a merry old tree in soil? You can plant your Christmas tree into your backyard and let it flourish year-around.

5. Enjoy the smell

Who doesn’t like the smell of evergreen needles?

Let’s say that you will use the trunk as firewood. Before you do that, you can actually make use of the needles by laying them around the house. Putting the needles inside bowls or snatchles will make your house smell like Christmas for a long time.

6. Help the people (and the goats)

You can always get in touch with your neighborhood and local groups to see if anyone needs a tree. For example, Island Beach State Park uses left-behind trees to strengthen its beach’s sand dunes.

Moreover, maybe your neighbor is planning on starting a pine-tree army in their backyard.

Or you can just find some goats that will enjoy your tree very, very much. They are known for their love of munching on Christmas trees.

It will be like Christmas for the goats. Sharing is caring after all.

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