Segway Unveils Self-Balancing Vehicle You Sit In

Segway Unveils Self-Balancing Vehicle You Sit In

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Who needs to stand on a self-balancing personal vehicle when you can sit in one?

That's what Segway-Ninebot must be thinking as they gear up to unveil its S-Pod prototype at the Consumer Electronics Show next week. The days-long technology conference is held annually in Las Vegas.

Segway's self-balancing vehicle, which according to the company can go as fast as 24.8 miles per hour, weighs 330.7 pounds and can travel 43.5 miles before needing a recharge.


S-Pod is easy to drive

The S-Pod prototype is reportedly easy to operate because of a feature that balances the vehicle automatically as its moving. Its the latest addition to Segway-Ninebots lineup of scooters and personal transport systems. It's being targeted at airports, amusement parks and malls as a way to transport adults.

"The biggest shift in urban transportation since the rise of Uber and Lyft is the ascension of the electric scooter. Segway-Ninebot has been a leader in the space, most recently highlighted by the fact that their Amazon Cyber Monday sales in 2019 increased by more than 1,171 percent as compared with the preceding year," Segway said when announcing the S-Pod prototype. "The company has now taken those micro-mobility learnings to the next level, designing a complete portfolio of city and off-road transportation solutions to make commuting, leisure time and simply getting from point A to B more appealing,"

Scooters will not be forgotten at CES

In addition to the S-Pod, Segway will unveil the Ninebot eScotter which is the first scooter for mid to long-range traveling. The scooter can go up to 62.1 mph and has a range of 124 miles. It can accelerate to 24 mph in four seconds. Its also unveiling the Ninebot eMoped that can be used as a moped or a scooter. There's also the KickScooter Air T 15, which was a CES 2020 Innovation Award honoree.

It boasts a compact, lightweight design and is what Segway says is the most energy-efficient kick scooter to be introduced in city environments.

Watch the video: Segways New S-Pod, The Self Balancing Mobile Chair. CES 2020 (June 2022).


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