5G to Usher in the Content Generation

5G to Usher in the Content Generation

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Much has been made about the 5G era the world is entering but what does the future really look like?

According to Qualcomm president Cristiano Amon, it's all about the speeds that benefit everything from video to gaming.

“The first thing you will see with 5G is much higher speeds,” said Amon during a Q&A at the CES technology trade show. “Some of the services you do every day become much better.”


Video to rule in 5G era

According to Amon one area that is expected to benefit a lot from 5G is video. The mobile chipmaker’s president predicted video is “going to be the thing of 5G.”

It will make streaming services better and deliver to the world the content generation. After all, everyone will become a broadcaster if they can upload high-quality content on the quick.

Outside of video, Amon pointed to gaming as another big story of the 5G era. He said 5G will enable mobile gaming to become mainstream. “It will go from the console to mobile devices,” thanks to 5G said Amon.

Virtual eyewear could become the norm

Further out Amon painted a picture of a world in which mixed reality eyewear that look like eyeglasses will be the norm. A user will be able to walk into a meeting and just like out of a sci-fi movie brings up information about the people sitting in the room.

In the future, thanks to 5G, apps will be extended to all sorts of devices.

Beyond consumer electronics devices, the Qualcomm executive said the automotive industry will be a big beneficiary of the build-out of 5G networks.

He predicted automobile manufacturers' business models will transform as they become a sort of cable operator distributing content to all the different screens that will eventually be found inside vehicles. Not to mention that 5G will enable vehicles to update maps and traffic reports in real-time while machine learning can predict the best route to the driver’s destination.

“It's not a tech issue anymore. We can do a lot of processing in the cloud,” said Amon of what the future thanks to 5G holds.

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