Disintegration First Multiplayer Beta Starts at the End of January

Disintegration First Multiplayer Beta Starts at the End of January

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Disintegration, the new first-person tactical shooter from Halo's co-creator Marcus Lehto, is to hold a public multiplayer beta at the end of the month.

The public beta will be available from January 31 until February 1 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Before then, closed beta tests will run on January 28 and 29 between 11 am and 3 pm EST each day.

Let's see if it lives up to all the buzz.


What will the public and private beta feature?

Disintegration sign-ups are already available, by clicking here.

Both betas will open up two out of the three multiplayer modes, as well as seven playable teams.

The first game mode is called Retrieval. This mode has one team trying to deliver cargo while another team tries to defend their area. The second game, Control, has two teams attempting to take over the battlefield by capturing different points on the map.

Disintegration has caught a lot of early attention as it's a hybrid FPS-RTS where the players take control of a pilot who can move around the map on a gravity bike all while shooting weapons from a first-person perspective.

Set in a dystopic world, the game offers a view of populations who have had to leave their human forms behind because of a deadly virus, taking over robotic forms in order to survive. This has led to a civil war for a species already on the brink of extinction. What's also interesting about the game is that there isn't a simple first-person shooter.

In Disintegration, you have to think of broader tactics, and not simply the tactical skills that befall you and your teammates.

The beta at the end of this month will certainly prove popular.

Watch the video: WR Disintegration Speedrun - Tutorial% (July 2022).


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