Break Into the Lucrative World of Project Management With These Bundles

Break Into the Lucrative World of Project Management With These Bundles

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More and more people are flocking to the ever-expanding world of project management thanks to the high pay, opportunities for advancement, and exciting work environments in a variety of industries. These eight bundles will help you earn some of the most valuable and in-demand credentials in this lucrative field. Thanks to these bundles, you can land the best positions possible.

Moreover, each bundle is available at a significant discount right now.

1. The Complete 2020 Microsoft Azure Certification Prep Bundle

With ten courses and over 600 lessons, this certification prep bundle will help you ace the exams for some of project management’s most valuable credentials. The courses will teach you about fine-tuning budgets, working with complex cloud technologies, implementing cybersecurity features, and more.

2. The Lean Six Sigma Expert Training Bundle

As one of the most relied-upon management and leadership methodologies in the world, Lean Six Sigma is used by countless successful companies every day. This training bundle will help you get certified through lessons that focus on eliminating waste, solving complex problems, and inspiring teams to exceed their goals.

3. The Complete Six Sigma Training Suite Bundle

Regardless of your previous experience with project management, this massive 15-course bundle will help you climb that career ladder. These courses will prepare you for the Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Green Belt, and Black Belt certification exams.

4. The Premium 2020 Project & Quality Management Certification Bundle

This 11-course bundle will introduce you to some of the most valuable management platforms in the world—including Agile, PMP, Scrum, and Six Sigma. The training will walk you through every stage of product development and implementation in a variety of environments and business settings.

5. The Complete JIRA Agile Project Management Course

Master and enhance your workflow using the famed JIRA Agile methodology with this extensive management course, which offers the strategic and tactical essentials to get the most out of your JIRA Agile projects using real-world web design examples.

6. Project Management Professional Certification Training Suite

Gain a comprehensive understanding of a variety of project management practices and tools with this certification training package, which contains five courses and over 500 lessons that teach you how to manage teams, build projects from scratch, optimize outcomes, and more.

7. The Complete IT Project Management Certification Bundle

This project management certification bundle comes with four courses and over 200 lessons that will help you ace the exams for the in-demand PRINCE2 and ITIL certifications. Your instruction revolves around real-world examples that you’ll be able to apply in the field, and there are plenty of helpful resources to keep you on track.

8. Deeply Practical Project Management

Master project management with this hands-on training that will teach you how to make the most out of any development scenario. You’ll have 24/7 access to over 200 lectures led by industry pros, and you’ll even earn a valuable certificate of completion when you’re done with your training.

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