China Gives the Green Light for Human Trials of Potential Coronavirus Vaccine

China Gives the Green Light for Human Trials of Potential Coronavirus Vaccine

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In breaking news, Reuters was the first to share the information that China has given the go-ahead to researchers to begin the first human clinical trial of an experimental coronavirus vaccine.

The hope is to develop a shot against the coronavirus that will keep more people safe.


Approval for early-stage clinical trials

Researchers from China's Academy of Military Medical Sciences, which is affiliated with the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA), have received approval to begin the first stages of clinical trials for a vaccine against the coronavirus this week, as per the ruling Communist Party's People's Daily on Tuesday.

The trial will be led by Chen Wei of China's Academy of Military Medical Sciences, along with Hong Kong-listed biotech firm, CanSino Biologics, as the Chinese clinical trial registration database showed.

China approves coronavirus vaccine for clinical trials: state media

— Reuters (@Reuters) March 17, 2020

The database also showed that "Phase 1" will comprise of examining whether the experimental shot is safe or not, by trialing it on 108 healthy volunteers between March 16 and December 31.

China isn't the only nation working hard trying to find a cure against the coronavirus. Scientists in the U.S. started clinical trials on Monday for a vaccine developed by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and the U.S. Biotech firm Moderna.

Australia has also claimed to be on its way to finding a potential cure for the coronavirus, where a patient completely recovered from the virus and actually showed a "disappearance of the virus."

Watch the video: China: Beijing announces green light for Sinopharms COVID-19 vaccine (July 2022).


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