'Bone Shaker' Truck Is Equipped with a 18,000 HP F-4 Fighter Jet Engine

'Bone Shaker' Truck Is Equipped with a 18,000 HP F-4 Fighter Jet Engine

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There are semi-trucks, and then, there is the Bone Shaker, a monster jet truck that comes equipped with a J79 turbojet that generates 18,000horsepower. It is guaranteed to thoroughly shake your bones.

Bone Shaker was once a 1981 International Transtar 4300, and we can’t say that it shed that identity completely. However, now, it has transformed into a 300-mphsemi-truck that carries the legendary American fighter jet’s power behind it. Literally.

This legendary engine, F-4 Phantom, was used by the U.S. Navy and Air Force for 40 years, and even today, it still powers the Phantom in some countries.

Environmental concerns aside, seeing it almost feels like watching a space rocket taking off. We are pretty sure that once aimed towards the sky, this truck could take you to the stars and beyond.


Apparently, it used to be the old Pyro Truck and had half the size motor, Jade 34. A few years ago, Rick Kopp and his friends decided to revamp it by cutting half of the truck and built everything in six months.

You can watch the men behind the monster truck from here.

It goes like an arrow: It goes wherever you point it, and it goes absolutely straight.

J79 has 18,000pounds of thrust; however, according to Kopp, it's making only12,000pounds of thrust. Moreover, its thrust with afterburner is a whopping 36,000lbs.

This video lets you take a look inside of it. It looks rather crampy, but since you won't go on a holiday trip in it, we don't think that's going to be a problem.

The truck is mostly used in exhibitions in race and airshow seasons. It is most certainly not suitable for commuting, but that doesn't have to stop you from dreaming.

Watch the video: FREE FALLING IN THE DARK! Monster Trucks. @Hot Wheels (June 2022).


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