High Schooler Builds Fully Functional Wooden Car Model in 300 Hours for Physics Project

High Schooler Builds Fully Functional Wooden Car Model in 300 Hours for Physics Project

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A very crafty 17-year-old Redditor has shared the realistic mechanical model of a wooden car he designed and built in about 300 hours and over the course of 6 months with 35$. It's RWD 3 speed manual with a V8.

What you're seeing is an 11th-grader's Physics project that was designed to have better odds in university or job interviews. It wouldn't be wrong to say that he will crush those interviews.

You can watch the car in motion from here, it is simply amazing.


He's been woodworking since age 4

The Lithuanian high schooler managed to do this project thanks to his "unfillable desire for understanding of how stuff works and making stuff". Apparently, he's been woodworking since age 4, watching a lot of Mythbusters and contemplating how stuff is made.

Moreover, he played a lot with LEGO gears and other technical pieces.

He stated that he is interested in anything mechanical and noticed he can learn a lot of valuable knowledge from unrelated fields. His previous experience of working on bicycles helped him build this car.

The process behind the design

In this video, he explains the process behind each component, and it is simply mindblowing.

Apparently, the only person he got help from was his dad. His dad helped him remove a chunk of wood from the engine block and taught him how to use the router to make the wheels. Other than that, this project is solely his baby.

Working alone was the most challenging part

According to a post he made on Reddit, the most stressful part of the process was that he was on his own all the way. Since such a design wasn't present on the internet, in case of a problem, he'd have to deal with it on his own.

He stated that the gearbox was the hardest thing to design. He said, "Different design concepts for the gearbox have been on my mind for weeks. None of the components were all that difficult to build, because I spent a lot of time designing them right and in the end, it was just like following instructions. Regardless, the clutch was probably the hardest. A lot of fine-tuning and mess involving the hydraulics was involved."

He will use the design for job interviews

When asked if he was interested in selling the current model, he stated he had plans to use this model for job interviews. Moreover, he says that he is the only mechanic who knows how to work on the design. Apparently, it requires maintenance and repairs, and he wouldn't want to sell something that he knows might fail in the future.

We're hoping he will get an A+ for this project since it would be crazy otherwise.

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