Robust Off-Road Electric Bikes and 4x4 Designs From New Zealand

Robust Off-Road Electric Bikes and 4x4 Designs From New Zealand

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There are some very cool traditional road motorbikes still being created, just like these classic Harley-Davidsons. However, the world of electric bikes is growing, much like UBCO's all-wheel electric bike range.

Now, the New Zealand-based rugged offroad utility bike company's range is expanding over to Europe, after having seen success across Australasia and parts of the U.S. And even more excitingly, there are rumours of an increased product line involving 4X4s and e-bikes.


Conquering the off-road world

UBCO's bike range saw success in Australasia and more recently in the U.S., so its next logical step is to expand its products over to Europe. Its most recent expansion includes new distributors in Denmark, Sweden, and Spain, which adds to UBCO's already-existing range in the U.K., Lithuania, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

The company's most iconic product is its 2X2 all-wheel drive electrike bike. It boasts dual hub motors and full suspension and is designed with New Zealand's rough and rugged terrain in mind. The bike is already in its fifth generation and some of its forms are street legal. It's the ideal bike for its users to ride across farmland or off-road trails.

The next top contender of UBCO's is its FXR1, a sporty electric motorcycle also designed for off-road trails and terrain. It can reach speeds up to 80 km/h (50mph), has a 15 kW (20 hp) motor, and only weighs 60 kg (132 lbs).

There are a number of cool concepts in the making, as per Electrek's interview with the company's new Chief Marketing Officer, Neil Tierney. There will be the UBCO 2X1, which is similar to the 2X2 but that will be e-bike regulation-friendly. It's being put together as an electric cargo bike with a 3D sub-frame and a closed-in mid-drive motor. It'll include roller brakes, an internally geared hub, and internal cable routing — placing it above its competition.

Then comes the 4X4, which will be an ATV or buggy-style type of vehicle. UBCO plans on keeping this one as simple as possible and will use the same powertrain as the 2X2, which means the batteries can be exchanged between the two vehicles.

It looks like UBCO is planning on sitting at the current and future electric utility vehicle's table, and it's looking like it'll be a top contender.

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