Tesla Semi Truck Moving Into 'Volume Production,' Says Elon Musk in Leaked Memo

Tesla Semi Truck Moving Into 'Volume Production,' Says Elon Musk in Leaked Memo

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk has told his staff to bring the Tesla Semi truck into “volume production," according to a leaked email obtained by Reuters.

The news follows the Tesla employees' recent return to work in the automaker's so-called Gigafactories after an earlier closure due to coronavirus lockdowns.

“Production of the battery and powertrain will take place at Giga Nevada,” Musk wrote in his email.


Tesla's Semi unleashed

According to Tesla’s Q3 2019 earnings report, Tesla’s Semi was anticipated to be produced in “limited volumes” in 2020, as Electrek wrote at the time.

Tesla first debuted its Semi truck during a special event in 2017. The company announced that the truck will be able to rocket to roughly 100 kilometers per hour (60 miles per hour) in 25 seconds and carry 36,287 kilograms (80,000 pounds) for rougly 805 kilometers (500 miles).

Since then, reports have surfaced that the Tesla Semi exceeded range expectations during test drives.

New Gigafactory on the horizon

As Futurism points out, much like the Crew Dragon's module, the driver’s seat inside the Tesla Semi's futuristic cockpit is centered, allowing for the easy use of several touch screens.

Many companies, including FedEx, Pepsi, Walmart, and UPS have already placed orders for the Tesla Semi.

However, Musk didn't specify a timeframe for ramping up production in the leaked email, Reuters reports. The production of the powertrain and battery will take place at the Gigafactory in Nevada, Musk wrote in his email, while most of the other work will probably take place in other states — though which ones remain an unknown.

Musk has said Tesla is scouting other U.S. states for a site in which to build a new factory. Several states — including Oklahoma — have launched campaigns with aims to lure a coveted Tesla investment.

Watch the video: Tesla Semi Job Openings Point To Production in Nevada (June 2022).


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