11 Wacky Memes about the New PlayStation 5

11 Wacky Memes about the New PlayStation 5

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After some postponings as a response to recent events, Sony finally came up with a much-anticipated announcement. A couple of hours ago Sony streamed a 75-minute-long online event/press release showcasing the long-awaited console.

There were game trailers demonstrating the quality at which the games will run on PlayStation 5 (p.s. it supports ray-tracing), the hardware itself was also on display.

As with every consumer-grade technological product, it sparked a lot of interest, and as expected with such a grand scale release, there's also some controversy too, especially regarding their design choices.

If you've been an internet resident for an adequate amount of time, you can guess what it means... It means memes, lots of memes, of course. Let's dive into them.

1. GTA V, a timeless classic

No, really, GTA V really earned a timeless classic status by now because it has been getting re-released again and again since PlayStation 3. It has become the first game to become a trilogy on its own now. Next meme sums up the situation pretty well.


2. The resemblance is uncanny

Remember Seto Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh!? This is him now. The story goes that he's activated a trap card to siphon the wallets of nearby duelers.

3. Shellder got a solid rework in the last generation of the Pokémon series.

4. It seems Cell is about to hit that 9000 benchmark score soon enough with his recent augmentations.

5. Also, there is a discussion among fans that there may be foul play involved in the design process.

It's up to you to decide really, but we still wanted you to see this.

6. The new PlayStation 5 will certainly keep many souls alive until late hours.

7. Don't you think the modernized facet of Valencia is holding up really well?

It's unrelated yes but we should take our time to appreciate such architectural genius going on over there.

People thought it looked like anything but an actual PlayStation. Fans didn't go easy on the design at all.

8. Apple-pen, pineapple-pen. Pen-pineapple-apple-pen.

Please proceed to the rest of your day with this song stuck in your head reader.

9. This twitter user realized something he missed out on all along.

They had a super-deluxe edition PlayStation 5 lying around at home long before the release, it turns out.

10. In this economy, even Eve from Wall-E is stuck hustling multiple jobs.

Bet you didn't recognize her in her work clothes.

11. But for real, can we?

Me: Can we get a PlayStation 5, mum?

Mum: We have a PlayStation 5 at home.

PlayStation 5 at home:

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