CERN’s Giant 94,000 eBook Library Gives Open Access to 126 New Books

CERN’s Giant 94,000 eBook Library Gives Open Access to 126 New Books

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Numerous companies and organizations have resorted to giving their services through online amid the pandemic, and perhaps, the best that has come out of the lockdown is the addition of virtual museums and online libraries.

CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research that is home to the Large Hadron Collider, had previously opened its doors to those who wanted to take a peek inside and crash those lockdown blues, and now while its Library is reopening on 29 June 2020, you can still enjoy its online library with a vast variety of eBooks.


'Ensuring free access to knowledge for anyone'

The CERN Library has published a statement online that focuses on the important role of public libraries "to ensure free access to knowledge for anyone." CERN has taken a leading role for open access in their discipline, and now, they are increasing their focus on textbooks and monographs.

Having added 126 new ones according to the latest books they've added under "Open Access", CERN states it is looking into a more systematic approach to support open access books.

More new books underway

To name a few, some examples of books that CERN has in its vast library are "Measurement and control of charged particle beams" by Michiko G. Minty and Frank Zimmermann and "Obsessed by a Dream" by accelerator physicist Rolf Widerøe which should give you an idea about what is waiting for you there.

The press release goes onto state that volume three of the much-awaited "Particle Physics Reference Library" has just been published with the other volumes being expected to appear in a few months.

On the road to provide valuable resources for teachers and students who are interested in particle and accelerator physics, it looks like CERN Library will be giving open access to many more books in the future. Those avid-readers who want to dive into these relevant, high-quality books in particle physics should definitely take a look.

You can access the books selected by the CERN library through here. Read away!

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