Tesla Solar Offering $1.49 per Watt Installation on Existing Roofs

Tesla Solar Offering $1.49 per Watt Installation on Existing Roofs

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Tesla is offering solar panel installation at $1.49 per Watt on existing roofs, according to the company's website.

While this is an impressive rate, it's important to keep in mind that it comes afer Federal Tax incentives.


Tesla offers $1.49 per Watt solar panel installation

There was Tesla Motors made a post to Instagram on Friday offering an incredibly low rate for solar panel installation on existing roofs.

"$1.49/Watt after incentives. The lowest cost in America. Money back guarantee if unhappy. Create your sustainable future," read the post.

UPDATE July 24, 2:39 PM EDT: Tesla quietly lowers price as solar roof installations triple

The drop in price happened when Tesla quietly updated its Solar Panel website roughly a week ago, according to a post on a deal-hunting website.

This comes on the heels of Tesla declaring a major ramping up of its solar roof installations — to a three-times increase over last quarter, reports Electrek.

Tesla's Solar Roof was slow to ramp up for Tesla because it had to find ways of testing for longevity in an accelerated environment and lower the cost, price, and completion time of installations.

The first hint that installations were becoming faster came when Tesla confirmed it had "roughly tripled" solar roof installation in Q2 versus Q1, Electrek reports.

In its Q2 2020 financial results, Tesla wrote: "Solar Roof installations roughly tripled in Q2 compared to Q1. We continue to expand our installation team to increase the deployment rate."

As the rate of global climate change approaches a point of no return, homeowners may jump now more so than ever at the chance to take Tesla's solar panel offer of $1.49 per Watt up — signifying the possibility of the biggest-yet change in U.S. energy infrastructure.

Watch the video: Tesla Solar Roof Update: IT LOOKS BAD (July 2022).


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