Jason Momoa Restores Wife's 1965 Ford Mustang, Her First Car

Jason Momoa Restores Wife's 1965 Ford Mustang, Her First Car

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Car restorations are always a breeze to watch; however, when one includes Game of Thrones and Aquaman star Jason Momoa, his beloved wife, actress Lisa Bonet, and a car that is as attractive as both of them, it just becomes a treat both for your brain and eyes.

Momoa posted a YouTube video where he went to great lengths to restore his wife's first car -- a beautiful 1965 Ford Mustang.


Bonet bought the car when she was just 17, the actress is 52 now. It was the first car she ever owned.

On an Instagram post, Momoa wrote, "... this is 14 years in the making. I wanted to surprise my wife with her first car she ever bought and bring it back to life and into our family."

And the car looked a bit rough around the edges indeed. It had gotten a little worse for wear throughout the years; however, since it had so much sentimental value, she had never gotten around to getting rid of it.

She had plans to restore it to its glory days when the time was right. But she never got around to making her dream a reality. With 14 years down the line, Mustang waited, rusting away slowly but surely.

Momoa decided to take the matter into his hands, and in an attempt to revive it, he took the car to custom automotive builder Divine 1 Customs, based in Las Vegas.

In the video, Momoa says that the project was "a big dream come true" and since they can't relive a memory, Momoa said that they could "rebuild one", and get to work on the car.

The video showcases the auto-makeover beautifully, as Mustang is taken apart and put back together.

Step by step, we watch the rusty Mustang transform into a sleek black machine that almost looks like straight out of the factory.

With new leather seats and a shiny jet black paint job, even Momoa is impressed with the result.

He says, "I never thought it would look like this. To be in this passenger seat with my wife here and surprise her and our babies in the back, riding in her first car from when she was 17? I'm excited to see her face."

Momoa then takes the car back to Bonet, who looks to be absolutely smitten with it. Upon seeing it, she whispers that it is beautiful, looking incredibly moved.

Afterward, the pair and their two children take the newly-restored vehicle for a spin to probably make new memories down the line.

You can watch the entire makeover here:

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