Cold War-Era US Missile Silo Saw Its Final Battle, a Bidding War of Over 70 People

Cold War-Era US Missile Silo Saw Its Final Battle, a Bidding War of Over 70 People

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"Unique opportunity to own a bit of Cold War history!" that's exactly how the auction description goes. Located in Fairdale, North Dakota, near the Canadian border lays Walsh County Sprint Missile site, a product of Cold War politics.

The site was commissioned during the heat of the Cold War, but it never found any use as just as it was complete, it got defunded told the property manager David Keller to Military Times.

The site was built by the US as a precaution against a possible missile attack coming from the Soviet Union over the Arctic.

It was armed with defensive missiles that would shoot any offending missile in range.

Keller said, “This particular site was part of the Sprint Missile Defense System. This was a defensive system designed to shoot down any incoming missiles.”

Sprint was planned out as an intercontinental ballistic missile

During the '60s, it was the last line of defense against a Soviet missile attack.

The current owner, Leslie Volochenko bought the place with hopes to restore and refurbish it, but it never happened.

The bunker in the silo is 11,000 sq ft (1021 sq mt), it has remained mostly untouched since the '70s

Leslie bought the property in 2012 for an undisclosed sum. Now he's looking to find a new owner for the plot of land as he's moving to Texas.

The official name of the silo is "Remote Sprint Launcher 4".

Sprint missiles weighed over 7,700 lb (3.490 kg) and had 30 foot long (9.1 mt) cones.

The missiles had a top speed of about 7000 mph (11,200 kph).

There were over 70 bids.

The auction was opened on August 11. The top bid was $52,500, which did not satisfy the owner. The owner did not accept the offer and is down for further negotiation.

The auction itself is no longer listed on the website, but if you want to access it, Wayback Machine holds a snapshot of it here.

Watch the video: Opening a Titan II Nuclear Missile Silo short version (July 2022).


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