LG Unveils Air Purifying Battery-Run Face Mask

LG Unveils Air Purifying Battery-Run Face Mask

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PuriCare maskLG

South Korean tech giant, LG, has officially announced its upcoming air-purifying face mask, the PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier.

It'll come bedecked with two H13 HEPA air filters and multispeed fans that'll easily strap onto the face, just like a regular face mask. You can then recharge it at home as it sits in its UV LED sterilizing case.


The new face mask detects how you're breathing and automatically adjusts the speed of the fan to ease breathing. It's also designed to "minimize air leakage around the nose and chin." Moreover, every piece of the mask is recyclable.

Even though it sounds great, LG hasn't specifically stated that the mask has been developed to block out the coronavirus. However, the timing is too close to the pandemic to not really be linked to its outbreak.

At this stage, no information about whether or not the mask adequately stops the user's breath from reaching others and potentially putting them at risk of infection, or vice versa, has been shared. Moreover, no mention of the device's weight has been brought up, so it's hard to say how heavy this would be strapped to your face. Although we're sure user comfort has been taken into account.

More details of the device will be shared by LG at the upcoming IFA 2020 virtual exhibition, but the company has stated the PuriCare mask will be available later this year in Q4 in specific markets.

Depending on the extra information we're all waiting for, PuriCare may be a solid solution for safe mask wearing during the pandemic. A number of companies and individuals have been working hard at finding different solutions for face masks, in the hope to curb the spread of the virus and keep people healthy.

Watch the video: LG reveals PuriCare wearable air-purifying mask IFA 2020 (July 2022).


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