Alarming Before and After Images Show the Impact of Australia's Bushfires

Alarming Before and After Images Show the Impact of Australia's Bushfires

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The most recent bushfire season of Australia was so devastating that it has gotten the name of Black Summer. Millions of hectares of land were wiped out; however, that level of destruction can be hard to put into perspective.

Australian aerial analysis company Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) has revealed the before and after satellite imagery, revealing the extent of the destruction across Black Summer for the first time in its entirety.


To put things into perspective, 72,000 square miles (186,000 square kilometers) of land were completely burnt in Australia, leaving 34 people dead and billions of animals tremendously affected.

Now, all that can be seen through Geospatial Intelligence and New South Wales government's joint effort.

The resulting 100 terabytes of landscape photos taken over a six-month period show the stark contrast, and the imagery is absolutely heartbreaking. The fire tornadoes and bushfires that have ripped through the land have turned what was one green to barren.

The Blue Mountains and Mogo stand out most since they were almost completely burnt to the ground.

Geospatial Intelligence CEO Rob Coorey stated, "The fire around the Blue Mountains was extremely intense to the point where you could actually see how the fire tornadoes have left scarring across the land."

Coorey also added that such satellite imagery has "a very, very high value in the pre-fire planning periods." The data collected will be used by authorities and experts to understand the fires better, see the areas that are potentially at risk for the upcoming season, and help tackle such disasters in the future.

Watch the video: Bush regeneration after fires (July 2022).


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