Flat-Eathers Quarantined after Trying to Reach the 'End of the World'

Flat-Eathers Quarantined after Trying to Reach the 'End of the World'

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Whatever your opinion is on flat Earthers, you must nonetheless admire their persistence in trying to prove ideas that have been disproved millions of times. A couple in Italy has recently broken lockdown measures by sailing to find the "end of the world."


The flat-Earther middle-aged couple from northern Italy set sail from Sicily to reach the remote island of Lampedusa, an island between Sicily and North Africa, which, in their opinion, represented the edge of our flat world.

The story originally happened three months ago; however, has come to light on September 1. Apparently, the couple left Venice during the Italian lockdown and traveled to Termini Imerese where they sold their car to buy a boat. After that, they sailed to Lampedusa; however, they wouldn't be able to reach their destination and end up on the island of Ustica, completely tired, and a long way away from their original goal.

After they got lost, Salvatore Zichichi, a doctor of the maritime health office of the Ministry of Health, helped them. He said that they were using a compass to help them navigate, which was pretty interesting since their beliefs should have had stopped them from doing so.

"The funny thing is that they orient themselves with the compass, an instrument that works on the basis of terrestrial magnetism, a principle that they, as flat-earthers, should reject," he told Italian newspaper La Stampa.

The Italian couple was quarantined in Ustica and have had a rocky stay since then since they tried and failed to escape two times. In the end, they decided to forgo their dreams of reaching Lampedusa and abandoned their boat to ferry back to Italy, fulfilling the quarantine rules. It looks like the edge of the Earth will need to wait some more time before being found.

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