Develop Hardware and Electrical Engineering Skills with Smart Nano Bots

Develop Hardware and Electrical Engineering Skills with Smart Nano Bots

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What if there was an educational toy out there for both adults and kids that helped you develop your hardware and engineering skills while allowing you to produce a great piece for display?

Smart Nano Bots is a complete DIY robot set that comes with 7 robots, 70 parts, and 250+ electronic components and tools. It's the ideal DIY set for building all kinds of robots whether you want to play with them or simply expose them.

Craft your own miniature troop of smart, roving robots and watch them come to life in their own unique way. Robotics is not reserved only for the experts and geniuses anymore. It is available to all through this kit.

Develop your technical abilities without going back to school and sitting through tedious and boring classes or reading long books. Get first-hand experience in robotics the fun way with this kit that is part science and part creativity.

The whole kit including all 70 parts and 250+ electronic components is now available for $129 -- over 27off its usual price.

Prices are subject to change.

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