US Air Force Taps Boom Supersonic Overture for Executive Government Flight

US Air Force Taps Boom Supersonic Overture for Executive Government Flight

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The aerospace company Boom Supersonic — currently building the fastest commercial airliner in the world — was awarded a contract under an Air Force program aiming to help fund new advancements in flight that might see military applications, according to a Tuesday press release from the company.

Notably, the U.S. Air Force flies some prominent figures, including the president.


Boom Supersonic explores executive-branch US government applications

Boom Supersonic's new contract with the U.S. Air Force will help the company explore an Overture configuration with a design suited to Air Force executive transport, read the press release. The U.S. Department of Defense and the Air Force coordinate all air transport for executive branch leadership — including Air Force One.

"Supersonic flight brings people together, whether for work, family or global diplomacy," said Boom Founder and CEO Blake Scholl. "By cutting travel times we make it possible for U.S. diplomats and executive leaders to connect more frequently in person, meeting challenges and defusing potential crises with a personal touch. We're so proud to help envision a new way for the Air Force to provide transport for critical government activities."

Overture to offer greater capacity, speed for US Air Force

The Overture project will offer the Air Force an explosive mix of passenger capacity, substantial speed, and enough space and power to house all necessary mission equipment and systems. Additionally, the aircraft can be converted for multiple cabin zones — building a layout capable of accommodating as much privacy as is needed.

Overture's design has to comply with stringent FAA airworthiness and production regulations — with a versatile set of adaptable features ready to meet disparate requirements of military purposes.

"The United States Air Force is constantly looking for technological opportunities to disrupt the balance of our adversaries," said Brigadier General Ryan Britton, who is also the program executive officer for the Presidential & Executive Airlift Directorate. "Boom is an example of the American ingenuity that drives the economy forward through technological advances. We are extremely excited to team with them as we work to shrink the world and transform the future of executive airlift."

Boom Supersonic's Overture could see humanitarian service

More than an executive transport, Overture could also see further adaptation to meet broader Department of Defense and Air Force requirements. The supersonic aircraft might even become part of the Civil Reserve Air Fleet — which carries humanitarian and other miscellaneous airlifts in half the time typically seen with other aircraft.

As the future of flight transforms commercial airlines to adapt to the global climate and coronavirus crises, it seems Boom Supersonic is helping executive leaders of the U.S. government continue to fly over our heads, only faster, and with more privacy than ever before.

Watch the video: . Government Gulfstream Jet at St. Maarten SXM on 12212018 (July 2022).


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